A healthy and relaxing stay of convalescence

Active & relaxation zones in the Kurparkhotel Bad Hofgastein

There are several rooms in the Kurparkhotel Bad Hofgastein available for entertainment, social hours, and spending time together:

  • A nice, quiet winter garden with wonderful views of the Gastein mountains
  • 2 sun terraces for refuelling on energy in the fresh mountain air
  • A TV room, offering an exciting atmosphere when football matches are on
  • Library with reading room

Make yourself comfortable sitting with others in the reception area and lobby. In the lobby you also have the possibility of using the free Wi-Fi (at you room you have lan-connection).

Sport & entertainment

Kurparkhotel Bad Hofgastein - Fitness room

There is a fitness room available to all those wanting to do sports, complete with cardio equipment for daily training. You can also try your hand at table football or table tennis in the recreation room.

Seminar room & information events

Kurparkhotel Bad Hofgastein - Seminar room

The hotel seminar room is the venue for various information talks on different topics during your convalescence stay, such as nutrition, back health, and initial information concerning your convalescence stay.